Friday, March 5, 2010

Various - Ten Cent Fix (1993, Jiffy Boy)

Ten Cent Fix is quite simply one of the best compilations from the golden age of American indie rock, which IMO spanned the late-80s to mid-90s. There's a lot of no-names and also-rans that fill this disk, but it's also one of the most consistent comps of it's liking. Some of the more familiar names making an appearance, specifically Poole, The Lilys, and The Grifters donate exclusive tracks, as well as Ultra Cindy, a great shoegazer that fell by the wayside, but lovingly revisited on these pages in 2008. Standout cuts from The Melba, Paint, China Pig, and the Barnabys make for some sweet icing on an already delectable cake. Dig in.

01-Poole - There You Go
02-All About Chad - Embarrasing Moments
03-The Melba - Make Me A Wish
04-Grit - Where The Red Fern Grows
05-Ultra Cindy - Z-Man
06-China Pig - Junkha' Red
07-Slow Children Playing - Thirteen
08-Barnabys - Gargamel
09-Grifters - Make It Happen
10-Apple-O - Learing Fast With Lois
11-Sugarshock - King Dweeb
12-Paint - Wonderment
13-Viva Satellite - L'Homme Maigre Vous Fait Rire
14-Schwa - Turn Around
15-Lilys - Excelsior Plainslide



piratecyan said...

Looks interesting, thanks

Ole Hattesen said...

I loved this compilation. Great moods throughout. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Ole Hattesen said...
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Unknown said...

great compilation. can you reup?

spavid said...

The link has been fixed.

pixiesguy said...

Could this please be re-upped? it would be appreciated!! thank you!!

spavid said...

Just updated the link.