Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dramarama - San Diego, HOB 3/30/08

It's been awhile since I've done a Dramarama post - almost three years in fact. Thought I'd share this above average audience recording, dating back just two years ago in support of the band's most recent album 2005's Everybody Dies. John Easdale's pipes sound a little raspy, the guitars are somewhat stifled in the mix, but the set list is near-perfect, and the energy is impressive. I think the touring version of Dramarama is down to Easdale and just one other original member, but no matter. "Scenario," "Last Cigarette," "Work for Food," and of course "Anything, Anything" have definitely stood the test of time. Click on the first hyperlink above to check out their upcoming gig dates (all confined to the L.A. area I'm afraid). Also, head over to iTunes and Emusic to browse titles from Dramarama's back catalog, most of which is physically out of print.

01. intro
02. Visiting the Zoo
03. Scenario
04. I've Got Spies
05. It's Still Warm
06. Haven't Got a Clue
07. Everybody Dies
08. Work for Food
09. Dropping the Curtains/Tiny Candles
10. Try Five Times
11. Last Cigarette
12. Anything, Anything



Animesh Singh said...

yeah, nice drama i saw two times and still interested to see, thanks for your post, it just take me three year back in past!

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Unknown said...

I love Dramarama, since it started in San Diego. I have been a great admirer of John Easdale. I am looking forward to see their performances in San Diego sometime.

heartsofstone said...

Thanks for your wonderful site. Any chance that you could re-up this one - looks great.

Phil said...

Would love a re-up of this one if possible please. Thanks very much in advance!!

Monika Zawadzka said...

Great article.