Sunday, March 21, 2010

Singles Going Single #115 - Custom Floor 7" (1991, Goldenrod)

I saw this rather dissonant outfit open up for Drive Like Jehu and Tanner in 1993. Their live performace impressed me more than any of their records, but I'd say this single (which was actually the pilot release for the sadly defunct Goldenrod Records label) is the best of their studio the sleeve is one of my all time favorites in my collection (hence the oversized pic). "Homeless" bears an agile math-rock bent, vaguely recalling Slint, while the sharper of the two b-sides, "UPS Driver," would do Steve Albini more than proud. Line of inspiration: "Life's cold, but I'm colder." Not necessarily the catchiest thing I've shared on here, but then again, what are you gonna do about it?

A. Homeless
B1. UPS Driver
B2. In My House



Rob said...

holy shit, i can't believe you posted this! "ups driver" is a lost classic from my formative years (lost on an old john peel tape).
i love this blog.

P Walsh said...

Any chance you can update the link? Love to check this out.

spavid said...

Just updated the link. said...

Lost my copy and would love a re-up for this when you can :).