Friday, March 12, 2010

The Strand - Seconds Waiting (1983, Wasp)

Not too long ago, word let out that Radio Heartbeat Records was going to be reissuing this LP, originally slated for a late '08 release. Another year passed with no Strands reissue to speak of, and as of today no mention of it on RH's page, so until this album makes it to market again I hope no one will have a problem with me sharing it in the meantime. Based in Arlington, VA, The Strand were a local favorite during the early '80s, but when they released their debut album, Seconds Waiting on the Wasp Records imprint, listeners from points beyond the metro D.C. era took note. The LP is considered a lost American power pop classic among the few who were fortunate enough to make its acquaintance. It was reissued on CD in the early '00s, by some accounts as a bootleg (though it's superior fidelity would lea met to believe it was taken from the master tapes). By 2007 The Strands reunited, and issued their second album, Another Season Passses, which included new songs, as well as as some vintage material. Terry Banks of Big Takeover magazine had the following to say about Seconds Waiting:

Full disclosure: Seconds Waiting, The Strand's debut album, released in 1983 on the tiny Wasp label, is my favorite record ever to have emerged from my (adopted but long term) hometown of Washington D.C. and, beyond that, it’s one of may favorite records of all time. Melding then-current influences of The Jam and D.C. local hero Tommy Keene with mid-60s pop of an early Beatles/Who stripe, it's a lost classic and like all lost classics part of its identity and charm is that it was made a long time ago by a young band that faded into obscurity.

01. You and Me
02. Popular Girl
03. I Understand You
04. Kids Today
05. Easy Now
06. One More Ring
07. Why
08. Claim to Fame
09. Not Toys
10. Seconds Waiting

For better or worse, Amazon to the rescue


Woody said...

Fantastic record!!! Many thankx.

bglobe313 said...

Hey, this REALLY IS quite good.

Did you post this before? A couple of the tunes sounded familiar, but maybe I had heard them on a compilation.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and to anyone reading, I say check this out. Nothing revolutionary, but much much better than the average indie band of the time.


lumpdog said...

Hey this is Jim Garner from The Strand,thanks for all the great comments.

spavid said...

Link has been updated.

kurganwins said...

new re-up when u have time thanks u

Indiggy said...

Please re-up soon! Thank you