Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Singles Going Single #112 - Solar Coaster 7" (Turnbuckle, 1998)

My disproportionate onslaught of bygone North Carolina bands continues, with none other then Winston-Salem's Solar Coaster. Wielding a dizzying maelstrom of distorto-guitar rawk, this overlooked trio possessed the conviction and sheer volume of Sugar, Monsterland, and even their Turnbuckle labelmates at the time, Bailter Space. Pretty overwhelming but near addictive on repeat listens. If you dig this their 20-song, lone album, Solar Coaster can be bought from the usual digital retailers: iTunes, Emusic and Amazon MP3. In addition to eighteen other songs, it contains re-recordings of these two 7" cuts. Click the link above to hear some unreleased goodies on their MySpace site.

A. Zero Sum
B. Karmageddon


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