Sunday, March 7, 2010

Singles Going Single #114 - Inner Sleeves 7" (1986, Citadel)

Wow. Great Australian jangle pop from the same label (Citadel) that gave us the spectacular and likeminded Someloves "It's My Time" 7." The immediately winsome Inner Sleeves, sound like the Aussie answer to Let's Active and Flamin' Groovies...perhaps even a little better? True, I just have these two songs to go by, but both of them sparkle and gleam so brilliantly it's insane. The faint strains of Farfisa organ on "End it All" add color to an already lively canvas, while "Heartache" seems to operate in a more contemporary '80s rock construct. Really love both of these, but unfortunately they appear to be the only songs the Inner Sleeves left us. A six minute discography? So unfair.

A. End It All
B. Heartache



Powerpopster said...

Wow. Great stuff! Love that aussie sound.

George said...

Great band. I have a demo cassette of unreleased stuff.. I should do something with it. great blog

Andrew said...

Hi! So I found your blog looking for band Inner Sleeves. We're searching the artist of an unidentified song and it sounds quite similar to "Heartache". Do you think it could be their demo or something?

George said...

Andrew. Its not Inner Sleeves.