Sunday, March 14, 2010

Steve Naive - s/t (1983, Setting)

I'm not sure if this is actually Steve Nieve of Elvis Costello and the Attractions fame, or someone entirely different. The surname of the Steve in Costello's band was spelled Nieve not Naive as it is here. Man, this is really bugging me, so if anyone can clarify, please do. This album is virtually devoid of Nieve's instrument of choice (keyboard), it doesn't sound particularly Costello-ish, nor are there any words of gratitude to Elvis (or anyone in the Attractions) in the liner notes...yet still, I'd find it hard to believe there were two Steve Naive's/Neive's running around at the same time. This is a decent pop/rock disk with some tasty saxophone licks on occasion, but as stated above few would make the connection between EC and the boys, or any of their like-minded contemporaries either. One final clue I can offer - this Steve Naive was apparently based in L.A., while the Costello collaborator or almost the same name was a native of England. It's gotta be the same guy, right? I swear, I feel like such an amateur at times when it comes to this stuff. Enjoy (or not).

01. Come to America
02. Hurts to be Alone
03. Gyp-C
04. Sixty-Nine
05. Love's Being Wasted
06. Fratrock
07. Funny How You Fall (Vamoose!)
08. Hard Way to Go



roberto said...

the Costello's Nieve released two keyboards only LPs during the 80's,Playboy and Keyboards Jungle,my bros was a huge Elvis fan,buying everithings related,never know of this,I think this is a totally different artist...cheers

joseph kyle said...

confusing the issue, on EC's it's spelled Naive. I can see the confusion!

Dth2290 said...

This is pretty awesome. I'm into most of the stuff you post. Could I possibly send you something you might like? Experimental/sound collage kind of stuff. -

spavid said...

At this point, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that this guy is an imposter, and not who I expected it to be. No big deal I suppose. Thanks for your imput.

zuiop said...

Nieve IS Naive.

For reasons that remain unclear, Steve Nieve changed the spelling of his surname to Naïve, on the cover of It’s Raining Somewhere. Steve Nieve began his career in 1977 as keyboard player with Elvis Costello and the Attractions.


Craig Danuloff said...

Easy enough to ask him. Expediteur - at -

Unknown said...

Anyway to reupolad the zip file? download has expired. I just got this LP on ebay by chance and can still find 0 information!! not even a download. this site is the only mention!