Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shake - s/t ep (1979, Sire)

Three ex-Rezillos comprised Shake, who only released this 10" ep. According to Trouser Press, this wasn't a particularly crucial record. To my ears, it's competent but pedestrian pub/punk rock,with shades of the Clash and Jam evident on some tracks. Troy Tate of (ex of Teardrop Explodes) was also in Shake but does not appear on this record. Shake prime mover Jo Callis would eventually go onto bigger things in the Human League.

01. Culture Shock
02. Glasshouse
03. Dream On
04. (But) Not Mine



Punkzer0 said...

Never heard of this one, but I like it. Thanks V Much

roberto said...

there was another 7",Invasion Of The Gamma Men,posted on Short Sharp Shock blog,and Culture Shock was on the Rezillos live lp...cheers

spavid said...

Will have to check that single out sometime. Thanks.