Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Autumn Clock - Ready Set Apple Pies ep (1994, Grinder)

It may be pure coincidence, but this defunct St. Louis area trio recall one of my favorite post-hardcore bands of their era, Garden Variety. That being said, I appreciate the emotive angle Autumn Clock drive home, but it's an even safer bet that they took a page or two from some more visible North Carolina contemporaries like Small 23, and to a lesser extent, Archers of Loaf. Disbanded in 1997, Autumn Clock's music lives on via their Myspace page linked above, featured an albums worth of material that you can stream that even surpasses most of this respectable little ep. Viva indie guitar rock!

01. Pericardium
02. Dying Out
03. Slide
04. Judy's Car
05. Out of the Rut
06. Dysfluency


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