Saturday, March 27, 2010

Falling Stairs - That and a Quarter ep (1988, Get Out 'a Town)

Here's a fine slab of collegiate, indie guitar rock from a quartet of REM acolytes (though not tremendously derivative) hailing from points northeast. Just the type of thing you'd expect to encounter on Wilfully Obscure and I'm more than happy to deliver it to ya. I hear traces of Mercyland (remember them?) and the far more arcane Beauty Constant as well. Mouthpiece/six-slinger Charlie McEnerney has a website that extensively revisits a bevy of unreleased music from Falling Stairs, as well as solo material and other endeavors. This rip of That and a Quarter is from my own personal stash, though it's available there as well. From what little info I've been able to glean, Falling Stairs were either based in downstate New York or the Boston, MA area. If anyone can set me straight on this, you know what to do. Enjoy (or not).

01. Number School
02. Fortune Days
03. This Is
04. Man-made
05. Good Intentions
06. The Joke
07. Pills



Brushback said...

I knew these guys, the guitar player (John) lived in College Point NY.

tom1977 said...

please reupload?? thank you

Dougal said...

This is really good.
Any chance you have the tracks from Charlie McEnerney's website? Looks like it's long gone.

spavid said...

No, I'm afraid I don't Dougal, but I'm familiar with the now defunct site your talking about. Maybe we can bug Charlie on Facebook or something.