Thursday, January 3, 2019

A slight case of underblogging - Best of the blog mix 2018

It's time once again for our annual rehash *ahem* taster of the creme de la creme of Wilfully Obscure's juiciest morsels from the year just departed.  Per the title, I say under-blogging in the respect that each year I seem to grow a tad more slack than the one prior in terms of the amount of audio victuals I lay out buffet-style on our coveted, on-the-house table.  Is what it is I suppose, as I'm in no hurry to exhaust my collection.  Revelations continue to abound on these pages, and 2018 brought to the fore some pretty phenomenal vintage wax from the likes of Three Leaning Men, The Woodies, The Lift, November Group and the Cuban Heels amidst approximately twenty others I've managed to shoehorn into one folder.

Given the disparate offerings here, more than a few song-to-song segues may not make for the most logical of transitions, though I've attempted to maintain a semblance of continuity, fractured as it amy sometime seem.  Roughly speaking, the first half houses some of the more aggressive selections, while the prettier and more jangly numbers have been corralled in the second.  Included are three previously unshared nuggets that until today you never knew you couldn't live without. 

01. Cuban Heels -  Liberty Hall
02. Private Domain - Burn the Torch
03. Wooden Igloo - Lost Weekend
04. Ten Ten - Giving In
05. Uncalled Four - Set Me Straight
06. The Woodies - Penelope Says
07. Mexican Pets - Stigmata Errata
08. The Red - Promises
09. November Group - Pictures of the Homeland
10. Stark Raving - Too Much to Take
11. Rank Strangers - Target
12. Rockphonics - Lock and Key
13. LMNOP - Like A Diatom*
14. Material Issue - Echo Beach (1986 vers.)
15. The McGuires - Russian Hill
16. Diesel Park West - All The Myths On Sunday (demo)
17. The Lift - Plush With Blonde
18. The Wishniaks - Marcy's Gone
19. The Colours - Somewhere in Between
20. Richard X. Heyman - Hoosier
21. Free Loan Investments - In the Park*
22. The Pterodactyls - Germs
23. Three Leaning Men - Facing
24. Stick Figures - September*

* = previously unshared


Whimpers and Bangs said...

I'll be hoping for more from Stick Figures and Free Loan Investments. Also, you just bought yourself another re-up request: Mexican Pets, whenever you do that next. Thanks!

Bruce Brodeen said...

Honestly, your work on this blog for so many years one of the absolute TRUE, genuine, relevant(and on and on) music blogs on the entire freakin' internet. Legendary, in truest sense of the word. This is just one of thousands of examples of your important curative work. THANK YOU is not enough but...'THANK YOU!".

spavid said...

Hey Bruce! Just saw your comments now. Your appreciation and those of my other readers buoys me more than you may ever realize. Given the nature of what I post, sometimes I don't always feel so "relevant," rather I'm just following my idiosyncratic muse. Thanks for your support!

Bruce Brodeen said...

Sorry with slow response Sir Spavid but another word of encouragement(hopefully): It's an inelegant, arguably off-base and wrong statement but folks on blogs such as this are conditioned these days to just 'take', 'receive' and not think quite enough of the efforts that a giver goes through to get the stuff in front of them to enjoy. That doesn't always mean they are rude, uncaring and unappreciative but it's one of those things that our internet age over the past 20 years has withered away: the occasional, un-ambiguous, clear communication of 'simple thanks'. I do think of the traffic this wonderful blog receives, it IS very much appreciated but many just don't think extend simple thanks. KNOW that you are very much extending the legacy of overlooked, unknown and forgotten music - and that matters.