Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Red - s/t ep (1986, Lost Moment)

Not to be confused with the American '80s band The Reds, the band we're dealing with today, The Red were obscuro Brit exports whose self titled EP was bifurcated into "fast" and slow" sides.  The "fast" tunes arrive on side A, and only rapid by sheer comparison to the other half of the coin.  Sounds like these guys were putting an Anglo spin on Stateside contemporaries Wire Train.  Not quite straightforward new wave, "Promises" and "Hell and Morning" are inviting, forward-thinking slices of modern rock rife with melody and ringing guitars.  Sorta predates what bands like the Ocean Blue and Then Jerico would soon have in mind.  "Sail Away," one of the slower pieces, is indeed more subdued, not to mention polished.  Overall this record is a solid thumbs up.

01. Promises
02. Hell and Morning
03. Sail Away
04. Conclusion Festival


Jim H. said...

pretty good...i do hear some sonics similar to With Train, maybe even Translator a bit...thanks!!!!!

ELXOSE80 said...

Thanks for sharing this outstanding ep.
"Sail Away" is... just brilliant!

Rolo Tomasi said...

Promises sounds really good!!