Friday, September 21, 2018

X-Teens - Big Boy's Dreams ep (1980, Moonlight)

I've been meaning to post this for awhile as a follow-up to the X-Teens LP I shared a good four years ago.  This co-ed NC five piece come armed with a Wurlitzer (or some stripe of organ) and boy, did they know how to wield that sucker!  The preceding Big Boy's Dreams ep is cut from even brighter cloth than the full length, kicking off with "Johnny's Having Fun," sounding like the love child of early Go Go's and Pointed Sticks.  "Fragile Beings" is another inviting slice of DIY wave, but by far and away the real prize here is "Venus," a primo power-poppy nugget with nods to X-Teens overseas contemporaries Elvis Costello and the Freshies.  What I wouldn't do to have a band of this caliber around today. 

01. Johnny's Having Fun
02. Fragile beings
03. In a Grey Circus
04. Venus
05. Big Boy's Dreams


Pernt said...

Was Mitch Easter involved with this record? You didn't mention his participation, so I'm guessing he wasn't.


spavid said...

No, produced and engineered by Don Dixon.

Pernt said...

Don Dixon?!? That's nothing to sneeze at! So this is a nice slice of North Carolina indie rock goodness. Can't wait to give it a digital spin. Thanks!


WhatTS said...

Can't go wrong with the X-Teens. I also recommend 2nd full length, 'Love & Politics'

Andrew said...
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