Friday, September 7, 2018

Swing Set - Life Speeds Up (1986, Blackberry Way)

When doing what research I could on this one, I discovered that Minneapolis' long defunct Swing Set ironically had something of recent posthumous profile boost, courtesy of the inclusion of this album's "Blackout" on an episode of Stranger Things.  The TV show in question, of course, is based in the '80s.  Otherwise, Swing Set hasn't exactly been on many lips.  Life Speeds Up is above average modern rock that's not particularly exotic, accented with keys that thankfully don't dominate in the way the band's era was  renown for.  I could certainly imagine these guys digging on the likes of SVT or some of the more pedestrian acts who roosted on 415 Records.  Pretty straightforward stuff but a solid listen.

01. Blackout
02. Laying Low
03. Runaway
04. Victim
05. Walking in the Night
06. Lost Track
07. The Dance
08. I'm On Fire
09. Rain on Our Parade
10. So Long


DeathDealer said...

Back in the 80's I would tape several hours of the local college radio stations. The track I got was Lost Track. Never heard another tune by them and never found the LP at the used records. Thanks to the internet I got to find so many artists I missed back then. Great share.
If you have The McGuires Start Breathing 1987 (SanFran) or The Unknown Soldiers 1987-1990 on Funhouse Records (Portland, OR) and could share any of them it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your shares.

cdsearcher said...

Any chance of a Re-up? Thank you in advance!! Cheers - cdsearcher

aleelvis said...

Please any chance of a Re-up. Thank You