Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Newsbreak - s/t ep (1983)

I'm down with the band, the frontman, not so much.  Tomy Brennan passes himself off as a goofy caricature of David Byrne, drooling all over everything with sardonic, amusingly unhinged vocals, that were so in vogue circa the era this record found it's way into the marketplace.  At the very least, the L.A.-based Newsbreak manged to redeem themselves with competent players like Richard Lo Guercio who peels off a bevy of dandy guitar leads alongside bassist brother Randy.  More 'modern rock' than 'wave,' exuding the faintest modicum of reggae, so slight it may not make it onto your radar.  This four songer closes out on a relative high note with "Hidden Eyes."

01. In Your Eyes
02. Why You Do Me
03. Victim
04. Hidden Eyes

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Unknown said...

I was their at one of their live show's, and I have to say,their definitely was some magic between the brother's. they we're spot on! They should have gone BIG!!!!