Friday, September 28, 2018

The McGuires - Start Breathing (1987, Righteous)

Recently had a request for this one.  The McGuires were a pop-centric San Francisco treat with something of an acoustic bent.  Think a more pedestrian Camper Van Beethoven with a few glints of Crowded House, and to an even lesser extent Aztec Camera and R.E.M.  On Start Breathing (apparently their one and only record) the McGuires launch a decidedly digestible and plaintive attack, but incorporate an ample amount of cheeky observations and heart, not to mention heightened tuneful sensibilities, acutely illustrated on "Russian Hill," "Talk About Love," and "Problem With Decision."  And in case you're wondering "TV Party" isn't the same tune as the Black Flag classic, but is pretty appealing in it's own right.

01. Talk About Love
02. TV Party
03. Looking Glass Neighbor
04. She's a Lawyer
05. Start Breathing
06. Just Pretend
07. Russian Hill
08. Problem With Decision
09. Let You Down
10. Eliahu
11. The Barbecue Song (Time to Go)
12. You Won't Find It


DeathDealer said...

Hey thanks for this one. I put out a couple requests over at Twilight Zone blog but it came

up empty. Leave it to you. Keep up your amazing work. I start every day here first. You always

find great shares. Thank You,

Andy G said...

When I was college DJ one of my favorite tracks was the McGuires "Garbageman" on The View From Here SF compilation. Not found here but really great track.