Tuesday, April 1, 2014

X-Teens - s/t (1983, Dolphin)

Tarheel denizens the X-Teens weren't one of the most recognizable names on the Don Dixon/Mitch Easter production roster, but sonically they were one of the most indigenous.  The simple jangle and strum formula wouldn't quite suffice for this co-ed quartet, who instead opted for a kitschy spin on conventional new wave, substituting white-bread synths with a Wurlitzer organ (or at the very least a convincing imitation thereof).  The band further filled out their charm offensive with a neurotic vocal approach, sardonically bordering on the maudlin when they saw fit.  From there it's all threaded together with a string of nimble, challenging arrangements, reconfiguring tidbits of XTC, B-52s, and occasionally even incorporating some of Devo's more wonky maneuvers along the way.  Side one predominately sticks to a relatively traditional pop premise, housing such jewels as "In Droves" and "Heaven in Your Eyes," while the Teens play it faster and much looser on side two of this affair.  More from the X-Teens to follow...

01. Nobody
02. In Droves
03. Tonight Tonight
04. Anyone Can
05. Baby John
06. Heaven in Your Eyes
07. Romper Rheumatism
08. Penny
09. Hard is a Love Departing
10. Nothing Left to Say
11. Emotion
12. Happy Again
13. Shift and Rotate
14. Cold War



Unknown said...

Good morning! Well, it WOULD be a good morning if I was able to locate some stuff by Into Paradise…one of those bands that try as I might, I just seem to have a beast of a time finding their stuff: any chance of their s/t debut, 'Under The Water,' 'Down All The Days' and/or 'For No One' being posted? I find 'Churchtown' all over the place, but the others elude me…including their singles/eps. THANKS!!!!

Woody said...

Thank you very much!!!!!

spavid said...

Hi Patrick. Sorry, I have nothing to offer by them.

Glad you enjoy Woody.