Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gentleman Jesse & His Men ‎– Singles & Rarities (2010, Burger)

I've resisted dedicating space to Gentleman Jesse on these pages, considering most of his handiwork (and that of his requisite "men") is commercially available...except for this.  As it's title implies. Singles & Rarities is a compilation album, that regrettably, has been offered as an exceedingly limited cassette-only release of 250 copies (mine is #29).  Concocting a whip-smart amalgam of boys-next-door power pop, garage, and three chord punk, GJ was/is part of a relatively recent vanguard that also features in it's ranks the likes of the Marked Men, Jay Reatard (RIP), and King Tuff.  It's music to shred PA's by for sure, but unremittingly melodic at that, conveyed with a steamrolling surge that stays lodged in your cranium long after the music's concluded.

The 45s this collection is partially derived from are noticeably more lo-fi than the band's two proper albums, 2008's Introducing... and '12s Leaving Atlanta.  As such, the rawer context makes for a more visceral experience, even if the formula gets a little samey after awhile.  It would behoove fans of the Exploding Hearts, (and even stretching back to halcyon era Buzzcocks and Undertones) to immerse themselves in this gleeful half-hour-of-power.  With any luck, Singles... will earn the vinyl/digital reissue it should have received in the first place. 

01. I Don't Wanna Know (Where You Been Tonight)
02. Going Outta My Mind
03. No Rest (For The Wicked)
04. If I Can See You (You're Too Close To Me)
05. X-Mas Hangover
06. Rest of My Days (live)
07. Connection
08. Romford Girls
09. Going Into Town
10. Can't Hardly Take It
11. I Want What's Mine (And You're Mine)
12. Sidewalks


sfdoomed said...

Thanks so much for this collection of singles. Gentleman Jesse are easily one of the best in the powerpop revival over the last few years. Can't get enough!

WhatTS said...

Thanks for this. Have the first single on here, but not rest of the stuff. Any clue where tracks #8 and up come from, as not mentioned on the liner note?

spavid said...

I don't know the original origins of most of these songs. I'm assuming some are unreleased. Check out

WhatTS said...

Ok. The pic you included of the cover had the 'liner note' info for tracks 1-7. Thought perhaps other tracks might be listed on flipside. Nothing about rest of the tracks in Discogs.

Gentleman Jesse said...

Hello. Gentleman Jesse here. Track 8 was recorded at the same time as the 1st lp. It is a cover of a Riff Raff song. 9 - 12 was our demo that Dave Rahn and I recorded trying to recruit people into the band. Thanks for listening!

WhatTS said...

Thanks Gentleman Jesse!

spavid said...

Thanks for clearing that up GJ!

Unknown said...

Hey there, any chance of a reup? Link is dead. Thanks!

YesYesYes said...

link is dead

under-the-wires said...

A new upload would be nice.