Wednesday, November 28, 2018

November Group - s/t ep (1982, Modern Method)

Thought I'd post this while it was still relevant to the month.  Boy, from what I was able to scrounge up on this dual-female led Boston troupe I was under the impression they specialized in cold, expressionless dadaist dance music a la Big Black or something.  Yeah, I suppose there's some inherent rigidity to November Group, rhythm-wise if anything, but overall not only is this a lot more breathable than I expected, but outright catchy on repeat spins. Gotta love "Shake it Off" and my favorite, "Pictures of the Homeland." I'm easily picking up on traces of Gang of Four and Pylon, but don't be surprised if your conclusions differ.  This was ripped from a rather dodgy piece of wax, so perhaps a re-rip will be in order if I happen upon a cleaner copy.

01. Shake It Off
02. Flatland
03. Pictures of the Homeland
04. We Dance
05. Popular Front 


Diana Brill said...

Excellent! I do love me some November Group.

Eddie P said...

Thanks for jarring my memory on this one. I've always loved this EP and digitized my own vinyl copy years ago that I bought back in 1982. If there's a way to pass my digitized version along to you, I'd be happy to share.

Unknown said...

Back in the day November Group opened for any electronic sounding band that came to Boston like Gary Numan or OMD, so I saw them quite a few times. I even lived nearby their practice studio. I always liked their releases even though they were not really personable on stage.

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