Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Delfields - Ogres (2008)

Surprisingly, the internet doesn't have much to offer on The Delfields despite this album having only been in existence for ten years.  In terms of band-specific details, I can only inform you that these are five NJ cats who seem to have an affinity for Office Space, based on their depiction on the back of the cd case.  Luckily, their album is considerably more enticing.  Ogres is bejeweled in shimmering, lucid indie pop, tuned into the given intelligentsia of the time - Shins, early Rogue Wave and even Outrageous Cherry.  We're served nine concise slices here, and the Delfields don't piddle away a second on anything frivolous or contrived.  Be sure to indulge in the sprite "Fawn Fight" for maximum sustained tingle inducement.

01. A Slippery Slope
02. Honest
03. Francine
04. Short Sleeves
05. Ogres
06. Solvents and Vacuums
07. Our Beds
08. Fawn Fight
09. Highlands


Rolo Tomasi said...

broken link :-(

spavid said...

The link has been updated.