Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Rockphonics - Get the Picture? (1990, Incas)

One glance at the front (and especially the back) cover and you'd reasonably have Rockphonics pegged as feisty, rockabilly ball-busters.  Instead, this duo had something a little less rambunctious in mind.  Ostensibly hailing from that congested, but little spoken of New York berg, Yonkers, the 'phonics no frills aptitude geared more towards traditional; un-twangy rock that was often just a riff or two shy of full blown power pop.  When playing to their janglier strengths they would have slotted in nicely with colleagues like the Windbreakers, Dreams So Real and Fire Town.  Get the Picture?, the combo's second and final record, is a thoroughly listenable affair, if not consistently rousing.  Rockphonics catch fire on the hooky "Lock and Key," churn up a gutsy. barroom barnstormer in the form of  Picture's title track, and they even get fairly sublime on the harmony soaked "Lost Time."

01. Wild Sun
02. Alright By Me
03. Turning Us Around
04. Lock and Key
05. Lost Time (remix)
06. Get the Picture
07. It's No Crime
08. Different Flavor
09. The Right Hand
10. More Than Me


Jim H. said...

man, i don't know where you dig these up!! thanks!!!

spavid said...

Record stores, my friend, and if I'm lucky Ebay.

Jim H. said...

Good stuff! They are on the Incas Records label, which i believe New Haven's Miracle Legion were on early on?

Jim H. said...

And i also believe guitarist Tom Conte was in NY power pop band The Go in the earlier 80s........