Friday, April 6, 2018

Mind's I - A House Defiled ep (1988, BBTB)

Falling just shy of cold-case status, Mind's I were a D.C. area trio with an Anglophile tilt to them, almost immediately bringing to mind Cactus World News, Then Jerico and Diesel Park West.  Mildly anthemic, four-minute salvos like "Deadly Love" and "Dreams" do the trick, but these Minds weren't exactly attuned to innovation.  The longer pair of tracks occupying side two of A House Defiled operate on the noir side of fence.  Definitely more brooding, especially the title cut and wearier "Something's Wrong," but fortunately nothing too heavy handed.  Defiled is uniquely a record that only the '80s could have gestated, and the attendant pros and cons are written on the wall.

01. Deadly Love
02. Rank & File
03. Dreams
04. A House Defiled
05. Something's Wrong

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Elias Aquino said...

Please, would you mind reuploading this one? I'd be grateful!