Saturday, April 14, 2018

Beat Rodeo 7" (1983, Coyote)

I've run into Beat Rodeo's '86 LP Home in the Heart of the Beat, more times than I can possibly recall, but never felt compelled to investigate.  However, when a bargain priced copy of their Coyote Records single was staring me in the face a few years ago, I couldn't pass it up, if only for sleeve...and the pedigree of the label.  The band's moniker is pretty much a dead giveaway to their inevitable Americana leanings, but the bouncy a-side, "What's the Matter" bears their faint (at the very least) absorption of another Coyote staple, The Feelies.  The tunes' flirtation with bluegrass arpeggios and oldies aptitude (think Buddy Holly) really drives this sucker home.  The equally swift and stirring "Mimi" shoehorns in Flying Burrito Bros and Flamin' Groovies inspirations. My only complaint is that the magic doesn't exceed the two-minute mark.

A. What's the Matter
B. Mimi 


davidwolfsonnc said...

You can't go wrong with Steve Almaas.

Jim H. said...

that first IRS album, "Staying Out Late...." was quite good....its mixed a little differently than the German version that came out just before it, but i prefer the US version!!!!!

spavid said...

Will have to check the LPs out sometime.