Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Velocity Girl - early singles ep (1993, Slumberland)

When I posted a home-curated assemblage of Velocity Girl singles, b-sides and compilation contributions about five years ago, I purposely omitted their first two singles on Slumberland Records, given they had been made available on the CD I'm sharing here.  Turns out, that ep isn't so available anymore, as one of our readers recently pointed out to me.  So here it is.  The two singles in question, 1990's "I Don't Care if You Go/"Always" and "My Forgotten Favorite"/"Why Should I Be Nice to You" arriving two years later, which not only served as Velocity Girl's sublime calling card, they epitomized the indie pop strata of the alterna-centric '90s.  From the relatively twee "I Don't Care..." to the gauzy but dizzying melodious "My Forgotten Favorite," VG were at the top of their game from the get go.  True, superior songs were in the offing, but their pre-Sub Pop singles were downright impeccable - and a must hear if you have yet to make your acquaintance.

01. I Don't Care if You Go
02. Always
03. My Forgotten Favorite
04. Why Should I Be Nice to You?
05. Not At All
06. I Don't Care If You Go (acoustic)



Pernt said...

Being one of the biggest (and what seems like *last*) Velocity Girl fans on the planet, I already have this. But I just wanted to extol the greatness of this band. Their indie pop sensibilities were a little jagged, a little unpolished in the early days, but by the time their final album came out they were just about note-perfect. The tunes on this EP are a great introduction to the band. Man, now I have to go fire up their entire catalog and listen while I work.

spavid said...

Amen Pernt!

etcetera said...

I have this CD, I bought it at 4000 Holes in Spokane way back in like '94.

The College station used to play them, it's such a shame the college station is now some shitty classical bullshit, there's literally nothing in Spokane now.

carlosCopacetic said...

Estoy literalmente enamorado de VELOCITY GIRL, Forgotten Favorite, Crazy Town, Tripping Wires, Drug Girls, Rubble, Audreys Eye'S, Nothing, Sorry Again, Gilded Stars, All Consumer, 57 Waltz, Pop Loser, Seven Seas, son solo un poco del repertorio que tiene esta banda tan extraordinaria, muy infravalorada en mi opinión, Ojala, saliera material video-grafico como conciertos, ya que hay muy pocos!!
Y este EP es oro puro! Gracias por compartirlo!

Unknown said...

Is the live at slims bootleg possible?