Sunday, December 9, 2012

Velocity Girl - singles & rarities

A couple of you have requested some vintage Velocity Girl wax, particularly 45s, and today I aim to please.  Before proceeding, this is not a complete collection of VG singles and I'm going to tell you why.  I omitted the "My Forgotten Favorite" and "I Don't Care if You" singles that were compiled on a CD ep for Slumberland Records, which I believe still might be available through Amazon, or possibly from the label.  Then there's the "Sorry again" CD maxi single (containing three exclusive b-sides) that can be had on iTunes.  Two buzzkills right off the bat, I know.  Finally, I'm missing the "Audrey's Eyes" 45, which contained a b-side, "Stupid Thing" that I don't believe I've ever heard.  With that tricky business out of the way, there's still about an albums worth of material in this compilation that you won't find on Velocity Girl's three full-lengths.

You might as well slip the first cut, "Clock" a very lo-fi, and frankly unrepresentative song from a comp 7" with Powderburns and Black Tambourine.  I think this was before Sarah Shannon took the mic.  Things improve profoundly on a string of dream-pop friendly oldies like "Warm/Crawl," "What You Say," and "Creepy."  Their Christmas tune never really moved me, but it's included here, as are three Peel Session tracks circa-Copacetic.  Then we're onto several ace numbers spread across a handful of singles they tracked toward the nadir of their career, including New Order, Beach Boys and Echo and the Bunnymen covers!  If "Anatomy of a Gutless Wonder" isn't the most brilliant song titles ever I don't know what is.  It's also a total keeper, and is one of Sarah's best vocal showcases.  I've had a random live track, "Blackzilla," floating around on my hard drive for what seems forever, so I bundled that one in as well.  The concluding "It's All Alright By Me" was released on a web-only compilation (Flirt) in 2003, in tandem with VG's brief reunion that year.  So there you have it.  If I ever find that stray b-side I might offer a revised version of this collection - and maybe even the Slumberland stuff it doesn't surface elsewhere.  Track list is below, with sources and dates to the best of my ability.  A very exhaustive Velocity Girl discography is available here.

Update 12/10/12:  Good news.  A longtime reader has been generous enough to fill in some of the gaps by sharing four additional scarce VG songs, including the elusive "Stupid Things."  You can grab them here, and the addendum tracklist follows mine below.  Enjoy.

01. Clock
02. Tales of Brave Aphrodite
03. What You Say
04. Warm/Crawl
05. Creepy
06. Merry Christmas, I Love You
07. Here Comes
08. Always
09. Crazy Town
10. Your Silent Face
11. You're So Good to Me
12. Seven Seas
13. Breaking Lines
14. Anatomy of a Gutless Wonder
15. Blackzilla (live)
16. It's All Alright By Me

added 12/10/12: (see separate download link above)
Stupid Things (Audrey's Eyes b-side)
What You (Echoes From The Nation's Capitol comp CD
Crawl (different than Warm/Crawl) from Sub Pop/Sassy mag comp
Not At All (live) possibly from same comp

1. What Kind of Heaven Do You Want comp 7" (1989)
2. Fortune Cookie Prize comp (1992)
3. Screw 7" comp (1991)
4. split single with Tsunami (1991)
5. b-side of "Crazy Town" (1992)
6. second split single with Tsunami (1992)
7-9 - Sub Pop Peel Sessions comp (1992)
10 & 11 Merge Records 7" (1994)
12 & 13 Heaven Records 7" (1995)
14. b-side of Nothing (1996)
15. ?
16. Flirt comp (2003)


joseph kyle said...

Song 15 is actually by "The Gotterdemocrats," an early version of VG that was featured on a live comp, Pre-Moon Syndrome Post-Summer Of Noise...even though it's listed as VG on the LP listing in Discogs

joseph kyle said...

Also, the new track was from a compilation compiled by Excellent Online. It was a new recording, and supposedly part of a demo of a new record that never came to be.

spavid said...

Thanks for your insight Joseph! Holy cow, you really are a Velocity Girl fan.

Lucas Gelati said...

A quick search on youtube and I found a live version of "Stupid Thing". Not the studio version, but at least we can hear the song.

spavid said...

I think it was a live clip, right? Hopefully I'll get the $$ to pick up an original copy of that single one of these days. Really wish VG had put out a b-sides and rarities comp like Tsunami did...

joseph kyle said...

I once asked Archie Moore why hadn't VG put out a singles comp..."because we have boxes with hundreds and hundreds of unsold singles already!"

joseph kyle said...

Yeah, the clip on that comp was credited to VG, but was a live recording at a benefit concert. It's a great record to have, and it's not terribly some great stuff on there, like Lungfish, Tsnumai, and Unrest...

evr said...
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Zach said...

Happy to have this round-up, nice present in the wrapping.

Zach said...

Joseph, I don't have the PreMoon comp at issue, but found the cover which does appear to list VG, for what it's worth.

Cinnamon Girl said...

"Clock" featured their first singer, Bridget Cross, who left to join Unrest. It's not unrepresentative of what VG sounded like at the time, but they lost a lot of their shoegaze edge and took on a more pop sound when they got Sarah. I remember seeing their early gigs with Sarah and thinking that as good a singer as she obviously was, the style really didn't suit her. Eventually they started writing in a way that complemented her voice much better.

joseph kyle said...

On the back of the comp, there are blurbs about each bands, and the one for the VG track states that it was recorded when the band was known as "The Gotterdemocrats" but by the time the comp was released they were already known as Velocity Girl.

spavid said...

I just added four more songs as a separate download. See post for full info.

Thanks again for your input and observations everyone. I agree Cinnamon Girl. I saw the live in 1992 or '93 when they were just beginning to transition from their shoegaze fixation.

Kouzie said...

Thanks for this great comp. I saw the band in Chicago supporting ¡Simpatico! in `94.

bbberangus said...

Stumbled upon your blog following a Screamfeeder search - and I don't even know whether you have them because I discarded that notion soon as I saw this post of VG goodies! I had tracked down just 7 non-LP/EP songs so these is will be a real treat. Velocity Girl are currently ranked as my 26th favorite band of all time so every new discovery is a genuine pearl from a band that had all-too-few recordings. Big thanks, I think I've finally found a music blog to my taste.

soniklife said...

Great post! Wilfully Obscure you never disappoint me. I remember wearing out my cassette version of "Copacetic" and scrambling to get a replacement copy. Velocity Girl has been one of my favorite bands since I was a freshman in high school so I want to say like 1994 yet some of these songs I never came in contact with so this is a real treat. Thanks!

spavid said...

Glad ya'll are enjoying this.

Soniklife, hand over that further collection this instant!

bbberangus said...
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bbberangus said...

Deleted previous post to update some info. I researched the song 'Not at All' which comes from a comp called WMBR Presents: Clear the Room! released in 1992. The Jesus Lizard have a song on the A side with Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 and Velocity Girl on the B side.

It also appeared on a Matador comp from 1993 called Teenbeat 50.

Cinnamon Girl said...

There's a live video up on YouTube of "Not At All" from 1990. Featuring Bridget on (somewhat off-key) vocals.

quietcore said...

thanks makes me so happy!

Baxter74 said...

Hi Folks! I just stumbled upon this early mix of Warm/Crawl posted up by Archie Moore on Soundcloud!

trapink said...

Here's a podcast featuring Brian and Kelly of Velocity Girl from October of last year, where they give some history about the band and sadly, dispel any reunion rumors.

trapink said...

And if you haven't done so already, get your post-Velocity Girl fix from the 4-song EP from Starry Eyes, with ex-VG'ers Sarah, Kelly and Jim ( and the excellent two-song compilation from Piper Cub (more Jim)(

And the single “I Found Love” from Styrofoam, with lead vocal from Sarah is a keeper as well.

I discovered these tunes right here — hurray Wilfully Obscure.

Jeric Lester Ventura said...

I hope you can upload Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts... I can't find it in the web

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