Saturday, April 28, 2018

V/A - Souvenirs - Little Gems of Pop (2009, Sound Asleep)

Damn, not sure how I didn't get to this one sooner, especially considering it's of Chanukah caliber.  Souvenirs... came out almost ten years ago on the Swedish Sound Asleep imprint, but the emphasis here is strictly on US and occasionally Canadian contingents.  The subtitle, Little Gems of Pop is right on the money, honing in on underexposed power pop acts from the '80s, with a few selections spilling over into the '90s.  There's a decent amount of talent that's been previously addressed on this site, inculding Carnival Season, Choo Choo Train, Leatherwoods, Wishniaks, etc, but the overwhelming majority are artists that Wilfully Obscure have never breached into. Oodles of gold here, including San Diego modsters Manual Scan, singer/songwriter troubadours Jimmy Silva and Eric Voeks, Zero's expat Hector Penalosa, Todd Newman and The Leatherwoods (and even their antecedent act Lions and Dogs).  We're also treated to not just one but TWO precursors to Velvet Crush (Choo Choo Train and The Reverbs), and oft overlooked Brit-invasion inspired wonders Flying Color and The Decoys.  Did I mention there's also an unreleased Pointed Sticks tune?  How about liner notes from Not Lame Records proprietor Bruce Brodeen?  There was a sequel to Souvenirs that I haven't been able to pin down, but will share should a copy ever falls into my lap.  At any rate, enjoy this one (like I even had to suggest)!

01. Three Hour Tour - Next Time
02. Jimmy Silva - May The Second
03. The Kicksouls - I Don't Know
04. Choo Choo Train - Catch Another Breath
05. Flying Color - Through Different Eyes
06. Todd Newman & The Leatherwoods - To Win You Back
07. Chaz & The Motorbikes - Jack Hammers
08. Beatosonics - No One To Cry To
09. Manual Scan - She Sad It's Late
10. Hector - Hurts So Bad
11. The Reverbs - Picture An Eye
12. Erik Voeks - When Will It All End?
13. Action Suits - Fun Flies
14. The Decoys - Not The Tremblin' Kind
15. The Explosives - A Girl Like You
16. 64 Funnycars - AMC Pacer
17. 2 Minutes 50 - Call Me Back
18. The Wishniaks - She's The One
19. Carnival Season - Misguided Promises
20. Lions & Dogs - Be My Something
21. Pointed Sticks - All My Clocks Stopped


Beyes said...

Mazel tov! It's Chanukah time in April! This is like a platter of power pop-covered macaroons! Thanks!

spavid said...

Nailed it Barry!

DeathDealer said...
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DeathDealer said...

Very nice Comp

johnnybgoode said...

Very excited to hear this one. The youthful exuberance of powerpop fits wells with Springtime. Thanks.

trucha3 said...

Thanks a bunch for this.

Anonymous said...

Would there be a chance of a re-posting?
Thanks a lot

StoneRose said...

Just perfect, thanks for re-up.

Beyes said...

Do you happen to have Volune 2 of this series? (Volume 3 just came out this year)