Thursday, January 31, 2019

V/A - Nobody Gets on the Guest List! (1984, Throbbing Lobster)

Finally got around to ripping this one and kinda regret not getting to it sooner.  Why?  Well, it features no less than a half dozen acts that have found a home on Wilfully Obscure over the aeons - Christmas, Classic Ruins, Underachievers, Flies, Chain Link Fence, and 21-645 (albeit that last one by virtue of another compilation appearance).  Throbbing Lobster was a superb Boston indie imprint circa the Reagan-era, who did a fine job of exposing a bevy of interesting local yocals that weren't tied to the area's renown hardcore scene.  Unlike the Beantown acts peddled by the mainstream (Cars, 'Til Tuesday, etc) few names on the TL roster made inroads outside of Massachusetts or college radio.  For shame, because while garage-y propositions like The Turbines, Johnny & the Jumper Cables, and the Hopelessly Obscure brandished some nervy sass, I like to think they could have broken through to a larger audience.  The Prime Movers wield primo jangle-pop splendor on "Matter of Time," and the Flies and Chain Link Fence cuts equal or surpass the caliber of the records I presented to you in previous years.  And is it just me or do Baby's Arm bear an uncanny resemblance to aforementioned Boston bar-titans Classic Ruins?

There's a host of other phenomenal acts not present on Guest List that also recorded for the label - Primitons, Outlets, O Positive and Cowboy Mouth.  Browse a listing of Throbbing Lobsters catalog over at Discogs if you get the chance, and if you really dig what you hear on this disk, original copies of this record may still be available for purchase.

01. The Flies - In the Dark
02. Underachievers - I'll Be There For You
03. The Hopelessly Obscure - She's My Best Bette
04. The Prime Movers - Matter of Time
05. Christmas - Our Mutual Friend
06. Wild Kingdom - The Way to Love
07. 21-645 - Red Red
08. The Turbines - I Get Excited
09. Classic Ruins - Let's Get Dull
10. Johnny & the Jumper Cables - Not Your Kind
11. Chain Link Fence - The Happening
12. Holy Cow - Zucchini Dance
13. Noise Pencil - Weirton, West Virginia
14. Baby's Arm - I'm a Wimp


Jim H. said...

Good one, thanks! i moved here to Boston in late '84, from Philly, so man of these artists were still playing!!!!

Whimpers and Bangs said...

Awesome record!

Alec Semicognito said...

I like all three Throbbing Lobster comps a lot. I bought the Underachievers LP after hearing them, and it's really good.

Pisŧöff said...

Ha- I was friends with Manny from Holy Cow

WDM said...

fantastic compilation and I've been looking for it a long time, have the second volume which is also terrific, I post today :) Thx & Cheers!

Logan said...

Great album I have this on vinyl for 2 bands I really liked The Flies who became The Titanics and currently Upper Crust. The other is Wild Kingdom who previously was Human Sexual Response then last band name was The Zulus. I remember reading in local zines that Wild Kingdom received letters from the lawyers of the tv series "Wild Kingdom" to not use the name for copyright infringement so they later became The Zulus. Great collection and sure mis those club days.

Addison Bortion said...

Could you please reup? Need this comp in my collection

Addison Bortion said...

Thank you!