Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Teenage Fanclub/Viva Saturn flexi (1992) - Re-rip, re-up.

You might say this as close as Wilfully Obscure comes to a "reissue."  I originally shared this 1992 flexi from Revolver magazine about six or so years ago.  This weekend I decided I could improve upon the audio quality of this quarter-century (plus) old soundsheet , and I did just that, removing as much of the extraneous surface noise as I could.  Heck, I even re-scanned the art, and on top of all that it's now available in lossless FLAC in addition to the typical MP3.  You can read my original write-up for this disc in the link above.

01. Teenage Fanclub - Everybody's Fool (Cleveland, OH 2-29-92)
02. Viva Saturn - Black Cloud

MP3  or  FLAC

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Jim H. said...

THANKS!!! Made me go back and listen to Steven Roback's Viva Saturn!!!!