Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Wishniaks - Catch 33 (1990, Bloodmoney)

I was a profound Johnny come lately when it came to this bunch of Philly wunderkinds, whose 1988 Nauseous and Cranky ep I posted a couple years ago.  And voila, here's The Wishniak's follow-up Catch 33, a continuation of this quartet's melange of Stonesy grit and the more progressive elements of their era of powerpop (think, Mitch Easter, Don Dixon productions).  Honing memorable, deftly crafted tunes were at the apex of their priorities, and even though the Wishniaks weren't ones to delve into any particular extreme, their earnestness, just-right hooks and an innate mastery of succinct and forward thinking songs like "Marcy's Gone," "New Zealand" and "Day to End All Days" exuded a warmth and charisma most current acts would trade a collective left nut for.  And believe it or not, their rendition of the Scientists "Frantic Romantic" here is one of the comparative low-lights in this gratifying baker's dozen.

01. Day to End All Days
02. One Eye Open
03. Monterey
04. Chestnut Hill
05. Marcy's Gone
06. By the Lights
07. She's the One
08. Summertime
09. Catch 33
10. Tumbling Diwn
11. Terry's Next
12. New Zealand
13. Frantic Romantic


johnnybgoode said...

Thanks for this as I have the vinyl. the opening cut "Day to end all Days" is great rocknroll powerpop.

Unknown said...

This sounds so much like the dB’s

Pernt said...

Oh my God... the first half of this album is like a lost Let's Active session! What a find. Thanks for posting this. I have a friend from college who will love this.

Andrew Chalfen said...

Nice to see our ancient efforts surface after all these years on your wonderful blog! The Wishniaks were my first band. I was getting my sea legs as a writer. If you want to hear the logical continuation of these sounds, go to my later band The Trolleyvox (5 albums) and current band I Think Like Midnight (2 albums, 1 ep and counting).