Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Self - Codename: Spivey (1996, Three Day Hero/Offtime)

Not to be confused with major label band Self, this Self hailed from Columbia, SC and debuted/parted ways with their lone full length Codename: Spivey.  I thought this would be a relatively appropriate follow-up to Screaming Broccoli.   Self melded the fastest and catchiest facets of contemporaries Face to Face, Green Day, and Zoinks! and upped the ante just a bit higher resulting in something even more infectious.  True, Spivey may lack the studio veneer of any of the aforementioned but the amount of hooks these guys packed into some forty minutes is absolutely head spinning. This 16-track juggernaut was released in 1996 on Three Day Hero Records, and was picked up in '98 by a label with a little more clout, Offtime Records.

Incidentally, Self often gigged with another ace South Carolina punk-pop act of their era, Cletus who featured the legendary Johnny Puke on the mic.  

01. Apology
02. Luke Perry Genius
03. Negative
04. Too Punk for Prom
05. Drake
06. Restraint
07. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
08. Try
09. Nermal
10. Resume
11. Brown Eyes
12. Chores
13. Hell-On
14. Afterschool Special
15. Paper Route
16. Your Love (Outfield cover)



Neal said...

i like this album, but their song on allied's "the big fix" compilation was awesome. they were supposed to have some songs on a 4 band compilation after this album too, but i'm not sure if it ever came out. i'd love to hear any later stuff if it exists, because the song i mentioned before was great.

Josh said...

Any chance you could post that comp track Neal? I'm loving this and would love to hear more.

spavid said...

I'm pretty sure I can, but only if you call me spavid!

Josh said...

Haha, didn't know you had it as well. Please, post away spavid!

Shame these guys vanished, this is a really promising debut.

joseph kyle said...

nice stuff...hey, do you have any Mommyheads?

Neal said...
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Neal said...

here's an interview with them:

most importantly:
Self is a 3 piece melodic, pop punk band from Columbia, South Carolina. They've been around for quite some time and their debut CD Codename Spivey has just recently been re-released on Offtime Records. There will be a new 20 song full length from the band coming out soon and also a split CD with other bands such as The Revolvers, Amish Jihad and 30 Deep. I interviewed John Sease (guitarist/singer) in my car outside of 27/58 in Columbia, South Carolina during the Ann Beretta show on May 29, 1998.

spavid said...

Thanks for chiming in folks, Here's a link to Self's "Homage," which appeared on The Big Fix comp CD on Allied Records as mentioned in the comments:


Would love to hear that unrleased Self album as this one was such a corker. Sorry, no Mommyheads.

Louballs said...

Ran across this super-old thread going down a google k-hole of 90s punk bands. Loved these guys--they were rumored to have a second album coming out right before they broke up. Anyway, they actually have another couple songs on a split 7" (which I think was their first release). I can share if anyone's interested!

Unknown said...

There is a second album that was never produced! I have a copy of it on tape that I obtained from Offtime Records.

Neal said...



spavid said...

Kickass. Was always hoping for a follow-up.

Louballs said...

Awesome--thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Reup please?