Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Singles Going Single #136 - T-Shirt 7" (1996, Priapus)

Naming your band after perhaps the single most ubiquitous variety of clothing in the Western world doesn't always lend itself to say, pertinant Google searches.  So while I can't extol on T-Shirts' origins (the Priapus record label however was rooted in Lawrence, KS) or career outside of this three-cut single, I will say that this co-ed outfit offers slightly dissonant indie rock, occupying the same tuneful airspace as small-of-fame heroes of their era Superchunk, Small Factory, and Wolfie. A simple, but enticing formula if you ask me, though maybe not as immediately endearing as their aforementioned contemporaries.  If anyone has the scoop on T-Shirt, you know the drill.

A1. Decca
A2. Museum
B. In the Red Light District of Your Heart


Josh said...

Seems like they had three releases, this being the first:

spavid said...

Thanks for the link.