Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Crime - Crash City USA ep (1985, Sur)

This one's a no brainer.  This is what I call classicist power-pop to the nth degree, particularly the resplendent "Behind Those Eyes" which could go head to the head with the best of The Pezband, Spongetones, or Shoes.  "Trudy's Got a New Boy" is also as about as quintessential as the genre gets.  The reminder of Crash City USA is actually quite rollicking, sporting an unmistakable celebratory fervor.  The Crime were a Memphis quartet with no apparent ties to Big Star or the like, but co-producer Jack Holder was a Bluff City pop scenester from the early days from what I've read.  I'm sure these guys have more of a back-story, but all I could find was this lil' blurb:

The Crime ruled Memphis new wave in the early '80s. In those days, everyone had a skinny tie and a Rickenbocker, but not everyone could write a song. Those that could often never left their parent's garage. The Crime did it all - killer harmonies, ripping guitar leads, and panty-littered stages. 

Apparently members later formed a spinoff band called The Everyday Parade who you can bone up about by going to their Myspace page. 

01. Donna Lee
02. Trudy's Got a New Boy
03. Crash City
04. Lighten Up
05. Behind Those Eyes
06. Mad About You


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