Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Junk Monkeys - Bliss (1993, WB/Metal Blade Modern)

Hey.  Been on vacation, which means I haven't had a chance to rip any vinyl (although did bring a hefty new stash of vintage wax that you'll be hearing in the near future).  I've gone on at length about Detroit's Junk Monkeys, quite possibly the finest ride to roll off the Motor City assembly line since the Stooges, though from the sound of things they were more Pleased to Meet Me than Raw Power

Bliss was the Monkeys last album, and one of the most neglected titles to carry the WB logo.  I still go for their previous disk, Five Star Fling, but this comes in at a close second.  If you like the last couple of Mats albums and/or late '80s Soul Asylum, dig into this.

01. I Got Fear
02. All in a Day
03. Idle Up
04. Satisfied
05. Rag
06. Frayed
07. And it Caved In
08. Teacup Song
09. Bliss
10. Day Away
11. Edison
12. Brighter Days
13. Shine



Anonymous said...

thanks for this. never heard of the junkmonkeys until i read about them on this blog. now i'm hooked. great band.
any Pontiac Brothers ?

spavid said...

Glad you like. They made some phenomenal music. Nothing by the Pontiac Brothers, sorry.

C D Carbone said...

hey spavid, i didn't know where to make suggestions/requests so i thought i'd make one here: Cave 76 "Arizona", Pris "The Kiss Off", Swivel Chairs "Late Day for Regrets", The Paperbacks "Episode of Sparrow", Pollyanna "Didn't Feel a Thing". Your blog turned me on to Pollyanna. Thanks. I saw the Junk Monkeys when I lived in Mpls in the late 80's. They rocked. Thanks again. Christian. Also, have you heard The Trouble with Sweeney!?

moch68 said...

Sweet... Digging the Mats vibe lately. Wish the unreleased Titanic Love Affair stuff would come out. Thanks..

spavid said...

Hey Christian. You're throwing a lot of names around that I'm unfamilair with, including Trouble With Sweeney, but I do have the Pollyanna cd single you mentioned, so look for it sometime in the near future.

b. brown said...

Strange I have this CD and I don't know why. I like it! I just don't remember buying it. The price tag on the back is consistent with that of the store at which I once worked. I'll have to give 'er a listen!

Fernando Da Silva Oliveira said...

Thanks,just discovered this today and it's amazing!

zdlrragefan said...

Another re up files please?