Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pollyanna - Didn't Feel a Thing (2000, Longshot/Shock)

I believe this is the only other Pollyanna album I have yet to share, and I'm rectifying that right now.  How a band of this caliber and consistency slipped through the cracks in their homeland, let alone who never enjoyed having any of their releases see the light of day in North America is yet another unsolved mystery.  Yep, these Aussie indie kids who sport a melancholy streak on their final outing, Didn't Feel a Thing, could teach today's young crop of hopefuls a thing or two about the art of real songcraft.  There's an air of maturity, not to mention sobriety, coursing through Didn't Feel... and as such it sometimes lacks the visceral power chord wallop of previous albums like Hello Halo, but is still entirely recommendable if you liked the other Pollyanna albums I've shared, or for that matter Buffalo Tom's Red Letter Day.

01. Anchored
02. Particular People
03. Elevators
04. Particular People (reprise)
05. Beestung
06. Rebound Girl
07. Left Centered
08. Grey Street Rollercoaster
09. Fisticuffs
10. Scenester
11. Firesale



joseph kyle said...

nice! have any mother may i?

Unknown said...

Yes! Thank you!

And I remain interested in the singles if anyone out there has them for sale.

Keir Hardie said...

Someone in Geelong needs to take this back to the library!143500~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=basic_search&menu=search&ri=1&source=~!horizon&term=Pollyanna%2C&index=

spavid said...

In regards to your note Keir, it wasn't me!

C D Carbone said...

Hey Spavid, thanks for posted this so soon after I asked/begged for it! yours is truly my favorite music blog. I hope you know that I made that request list to pass on some names/cds you might be interested in, as I don't have my own music blog. here's a couple more...The Mellors (from Seattle), Frankel "Lullaby for the Passersby", The Paperbacks "Episode of Sparrows", Holiday with Maggie, Late Night Television "11 Love Songs for Your Shallow Broken Heart". There. I'll shut up now. Pollyanna reminds me of Nada Surf. Then again, I really, really like Nada Surf. Hey, and they're underrated too. wtf.

guardianoftheeasterndark said...

Particular People was almost a hit down here. It got quite a bit of airplay on the national "youth network" radio JJJ-FM.
Sadly, though, to the average boneheaded punter, Lemonsuck (for some unknown reason) seemed to have thrust them into 'one hit wonder' status, and they never really recovered from that....

spavid said...

Thanks for your comments folks. Will try to get some Pollyanna singles up soon. I appreciate the suggestions Carbone. Will check them out if I come across them, but consider starting your own blog...I did.

pushrod said...

Loved all the Pollyanna downloads....they kinda/sorta remind me of another Aussie band -Shutterspeed. Hill Street Views was a good one from that band. If you have any Shutterspeed or Andrew Peterson music, please share.

Gaz said...

I have manged to find every Pollyanna disc i have at a lovely little op shop that i frequent. The ladies let me know when a cd donation or drop has been made & i managed to find Long Player, Hello Halo, Delta City Skies & Didn't feel a thing all in the one batch. $1 each. Have you checked another great unsung Aussie band called Clouds?

ralph152 said...

any chance of a re-up on this one?

spavid said...

The link has just been updated.