Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twice Shy - All the Right Noises (1987, Mad Rover)

Seemingly informed by U2's The Edge (check out the spidery fretwork that infiltrates "Haven't Seen You), as well as certain residents of Athens, GA, the first half of All the Right Noises makes a decent case for recommending Twice Shy, but elsewhere things get a little passive.  Mouthpiece Dana Moran possesses a croon not unlike Cactus World News’ Eoin McEvoy, and even feigns a bit of a Brit accent while he’s at.  Some faint noir inclinations crop up here and there, but these fellows are kind enough to spare us of any gothic morass.  Noises... is recommendable, even if Twice Shy's moniker is often all too suitable.

01. All the Right Noises
02. Haven't Seen You
03. Happy Hour
04. Girl Next Door
05. Apart of Me
06. Nightmare Town
07. The Flame
08. Jealousy
09. Your Children
10. Off White

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