Monday, September 20, 2010

Various - The Iowa Compilation (1987, South East)

This unassuming compilation with exceedingly ill-advised cover art from America's heartland belies a strikingly consistent assemblage of bands the other 49 states were completely ignorant of.  Thus far, there have been previous entries for three of The Iowa Compilation's participants on this blog - Full Fathom Five, the Dangtrippers, and the Hollowmen, all of whom subscribed to roughhewn, left-of-the-dial guitar rock.  Claude Pate up the ante even more with the riff-roaring "My Turn," while the grungey and relatively renown House of Large Sizes would have made a superb fit for Sub Pop's late '80s roster, at least based on what I hear on "One and Half On a Hill."  Moveable Feast and The Shy Strangers are almost as much as the aforementioned.  This compilation and it's successor, It's Another Iowa Compilation - Uncharted Territories, were also made available on Nothin' Sez Somethin' blog, but this is from my own static and pop-ridden rip that you can download in one fell swoop.  Sorry in advance for all the pesky surface noise.

01. Drednex - Sally Anne
02. The Hollowmen - Never Ending Ceiling
03. Full Fathom Five - Why Their Faces Are So Worn
04. Dangtrippers - Sidewalking
05. Claude Pate - My Turn
06. House of Large Sizes - One and a Half on a Hill
07. Cursing Birds - Popey Sally
08. Shellgame - The Dam Has Broken
09. David Brooks - Music Boy
10. The Shy Strangers - Heat Ray
11. Moveable Feast - Teddy Through the Grass
12. The Eclectics - When I Was Young
13. Four Million - War and Peace


genehack said...

Just FYI, a little background on the Iowa comps -- these were put out once a year for at least five years (because I've got the fifth one in my collection), and featured the winners of a battle of the bands contest that was held by the UIowa college radio station (KRUI) every year during the spring festival on campus (Riverfest)

ohiobikes said...

Bringing a very old post back to life, but I am getting ready to play a couple tracks from the first two of these compilations on my radio show 'Vinyl is not just a maintenance free siding option' on WRUW-FM in Cleveland.

Both discs had lots of great tracks on them and I am glad to have found your blog and the information it contained.

RavenMadd said...

dying to hear cursing birds again...used to see them in/around desmoines in the 1980'

spavid said...

I just updated the link. Enjoy.

Elevate Me Later said...

Awesome to have found this. Thanks

Unknown said...

Can you re-up this please?


L D'S-G said...

Can you update the zip file link (again) to both Iowa Comp's. I lived in Waterloo/Cedar Falls from 1981 - 1984, I spent a lot of time at Stebs on the hill and had freinds in the DredNeks. I organized a few shows at a sleepy little bar in downtown Cedar Falls. Had a bunch of bands from around Iowa play.
Love to hear them again.

Tidesworthy said...

Hi, Only just discovering the Hollowmen. Would appreciate a re-up on this one.