Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Zimmermen - Rivers of Corn (1986, Au Go Go)

Melbourne, Australia's The Zimmermen spanned the great Rickenbaker divide between The Records and the Rain Parade, but sadly failed to register with anyone beyond the land down under. Rivers of Corn, the Zimmermen's debut album was preceded by the "Don't Go to Sydney" single, which Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop author Ian McFarlane opines, "An instant classic, an exceptional slice of harmony-drenched guitar pop." As one of 1986's independent success stories, the song carried over to side-one of Rivers of Corn, kicking things off in superb fashion, almost outdone by the accompanying "Happy Heart." Rivers is a jangly delight I've waited too long to upload. If this album's to your liking, I strongly recommend The Odolites records I've recently posted. Enjoy.

01. Don't Go to Sydney
02. Push and Shove
03. I'm Happy
04. No One Else
05. I Like to Fight
06. Seventeen
07. Happy Heart
08. Shake Down
09. Get Off the Phone
10. Ordinary Man
11. I Shall Return


Anonymous said...

Any album starting off with a track called "Don't go to Sydney" deserves attention :-) Thanks for all your hard work, it is very appreciated. Nowadays there are so many music blogs around that it's very hard to keep up to date, but yours is definetly a 'desert island blog' (in case I have DSL connection there, LOL!) Keep up the good work!

bob nebe said...

now theres a band you don't see much, did you see the compilation album slab of vic I posted back in april. it has a zimmerman track on it along with a heep of wonderfully obscure stuff. find it here
thanks for the album and your wonderful blog
ciao bob

Unknown said...

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totallyfuckedtoaddallthesefuckingfeaturesthatyoucannotgetridoff said...

Great great post, I relly like this band, never heard this one.