Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Squares - Answer (1990)

A reader in Galway, NY recently emailed a request to Wilfully Obscure for, Answers, the follow-up LP to The Squares 2nd album, Enjoy Yourself ...and Others, which was posted here a few weeks ago. Definitely a progression from Enjoy Yourself, but a logical one at that. This self-released, and final Squares album was co-produced by Jeff Murphy of power-pop titans, Shoes. Enjoy.

01. She's a Killer
02. Inspiration
03. Electric Guitar
04. War Machine
05. Gibson Girl
06. Camera is Kind
07. Lucky Again
08. Nothing is Wrong
09. Way Past Gone
10. Souvenir
11. Stolen Fire
12. Farmer Elvis


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Unknown said...

Any chance of requesting an re-upload on this one also?