Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gigolo Aunts - Everybody Happy (1988, Coyote)

Before the Gigolo Aunts (got the damn Syd Barrett song playing in my head already) were ushered into the power-pantheon of the '90s, due in no small part to their sumptuous 1994 album, Flippin' Out, this Beantown crew were all about the jangle. Their debut album, Everybody Happy, is thoroughly evocative of the the heyday of college radio, and while it may not have been their most representative record, all the building blocks were falling into place for bigger things to come. To my knowledge, Everybody was released exclusively on vinyl, as was the second Gigolo Aunts album Tales From the Vinegar Side, released in 1990, which you can check out here. Both records should be a welcome addition to any pop aficionados collection. To learn more about the Gigolo Aunts sizable catalog, click on the hyperlink above.

01. Summertime Evening
02. Avalanche
03. Slipping Away
04. Marble Statue
05. Outside Inside
06. Her Face Contorted
07. I Can See
08. Coming Clean
09. People Walk Up
10. Not For Me
11. Holy Toledo
12. Is Everybody Happy



Curty Ray said...

Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

nice post about one of my favorite bands - password for tales?

thank you!!

evr said...

thanks, one less record I have to convert myself!

Too bad you weren't living here when they toured this record. They played the Pipe Dragon after a HC matinee featuring All and Youth Of Today. They thought the crowd was there to see them!

I've known Steve Phil and Dave since '83 and while I like their more recent stuff best, this album brings me back to my post-college youth!

KSHE Klassics Dude said...


See here:

for "Tales" information and password.

Anonymous said...

thanx friend!!

Unknown said...

What is the password for "Tales"? The powerpopcriminals blog is no longer there - but that rar file is still downloadable. I'd love to hear this one!

Unknown said...

Nevermind, figured it out!

Anonymous said...

What the password for Tales?

fineexampl said...

Just an aside to the assumption of this release only being on vinyl. This was also available on cassette and i only know this because i own one.

I have more Gigolo Aunts stuff i should rip and post. None of it will ever see the light of day again, i'm sure. Would be good to let the songs get out there. If i can find a good way to rip cassettes, i have some stuff that only a handful of people have heard including one very unreleased demo that blows away half their catalog, but never got finished.

msg me if interested. Will offer it to Wilfully Obscure to host, if desired.

Captain Mr. Obvious said...

Thank you very much for this download!!! Would love to hear more of the obscure Aunts stuff you have!!!

tomg said...

Thanks a lot! I didn't knew about this album, i just read it on AMG.

James said...

Could you please reup this great cd? thanks

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

mungo said...

OMG....the song "Her Face Contorted" popped into my head this morning, leading for a search online. I heard these guys in their hometown on Potsdam, NY when they came to play at the college to promote their first album. What a nice little dose of nostalgia. :-)

ehprh12 said...

Any chance of a new link for the "Tales From The Vinegar Side"?
Would Love to hear it...