Friday, August 29, 2008

The Othermothers - No Place Like Home ep (1985, Makingwaves)

My radar recently honed-in on a superb old-school Greensboro, NC band referred to as The Othermothers. From the looks of their Myspace page, they have recently played shows, but so far as I can tell, the No Place Like Home ep is their first and last publicly issued recording. Side-A starts off with three upbeat, but ever-so-slightly brooding post-punk jams, anchored by alluringly ringing guitars that are way too powerful for anyone to resist, 'specially the likes of yours truly. At times, I swear this trifecta sounds like the greatest thing I've ever heard in my life.

The flipside is a bit different. "Rodeo...8 Seconds" is a strangely lighthearted hoedown, concerning the tragic Greensboro Massacre between Communist Workers Party members and neo-Nazi thugs in November of 1979. Dark humor to say the very least. This is followed up by "Napalm Beach," a relatively frivolous party song, and finally, the 'Muthas wrap things up with the Devo-informed "Party Topic."

I decided not to post the album sleeve, but it is included in the folder. I wouldn't want to give any of you the wrong impression, because it's pretty safe to say The Othermothers were purely going for shock value. They strike me as too well-versed to be a bunch of good 'ol boys, as I'm sure you'll concur. 
01. You and Your
02. What U Want
03. Rain Down
04. Rodeo...88 Seconds
05. Napalm Beach
06. Party Topics 


eric said...

I bought this shortly after it came out and have always wondered if they ever did anything else. So now I guess I know. I just recently got the means to rip vinyl myself and "You And Yours" was one of the first songs I did as a test last month. It sounded like crap, so I'm really looking forward to hearing your rip.

I appreciate the info you have here, it's the first and only thing I've ever seen about the band. Now I'm off to check out their Myspace page. Thanks.

Randall said...

The Othermothers have reformed ans this is a video of them performing at The Green Bean in Greensboro North Carolina.

lolo said...


Could you please re-up this?

many thanks