Monday, August 18, 2008

Singles Going Single # 62 The Inbreds "Yelverton Hill" 7" (1997, Summershine)

As was the case with my recent Hardship Post entry, The Inbreds were yet another superlative Canadian export who despite national distribution on our side of the boarder missed the mark by a longshot. A duo consisting of Mike O'Neill and Dave Ulrich, The Inbreds were predominantly drum and bass, but in a pop/rock setting. They pulled the feat off with convincing results, even in on stage, outdoing many of their guitar-addled contemporaries. The Imbreds' 1994 album, Kombinator enjoyed distribution via Atlantic Records in the States, but only seemed to impress a small legion of fans that were exposed to their concerts. Two, even more satisfying albums were to be unfurled - It's Sydney or the Bush in 1996, and Winning Hearts in '98. Mike O'Neill went on to pursue a solo career once the Inbreds were put out of commission.

This single's a-side is an early incarnation of the Winning Hearts version. One of their choicest moments for sure. The flip side is a rendering of "Cathy's Clown," which for some strange reason is credited to themselves. The Inbred's entire catalog is available for reasonably paid download here.
A. Yelverton Hill
B. Cathy's Clown

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GlycerineCrossfade said...

Hey, is there any way to see a re-up on this and any other Inbreds music? I'm trying to put it all together, I have the main three albums, but I want as much of the pair as I can get. Thanks!