Monday, August 18, 2008

Singles Going Single # 61 - aMINIATURE 7" (1993, Sing Fat)

Oozing forth from the miasma of San Diego, one of the most tauted post-Seattle hotbed cities in the early-90s, aMINIATURE (presumably taking the reverse capitalization cue from fIREHOSE ) were dwarfed by contemporaries Rocket From the Crypt and Drive Like Jehu. It's a shame, because by the time they released their 1994 sophomore effort, Depth Five, Rate Six they had ascended to the ability of the aforementioned. With a slightly oblique tact, and technical guitar finesse to boot, aMINIATURE dazzled with cerebral, but hooky pop songs. They called it quits after an equally impressive follow-up, 1995's Murk Time Cruiser. This single preceded Depth Five, offering alternate versions of two album tracks.

A. Foreign Room
B. Zero in Trust



Shanice said...

thanks for this. would you happen to have any 7"s from (my favorite SD band) No Knife?

spavid said...

I'll have some No Knife up in the not too distant future. Awesome band.

Unknown said...

I have been racking my brains for weeks trying to remember the name of this band (aMINIATURE) I played the hell out of Murk Time Cruiser...thanks for bringing it back! Amazing blog, by the way.

Unknown said...

reup please definitely one of my favorite bands of all time

Shawn said...

aMiniature spelled their name with an small 'a' (which is silent) in front of 'Miniature' to not become confused with a jazz trio that had already had the name 'Miniature'. Nothin' to do with the mighty fireHose.
Been lurking your blog for years man, good stuff..