Monday, August 25, 2008

Singles Going Single # 64 - The Sugarplastic - Sheep/Superball 7" (1993, Small-Fi)

Folks, what you are about to download (at your choosing of course) is the rarest of the rare, the scarcest of the scarce, the holy grail. Ok, maybe nix that lost one, because there was actually only one holy grail, right? The single in question was actually limited to 200, copies, all hand-numbered had numbered copies, mine being "15." Many, if not most fans of The Sugarplastic, L.A.'s long-running answer to XTC and the Monochrome Set, are likely unaware that this insanely limited, one-sided single, with one-of-a-kind sleeves specific to each record even exists, let alone even begin to ponder about where they might obtain a copy.

At the time of it's release, the two songs it contained were thoroughly exclusive - an early version of "Sheep," which would later be rerecorded for their second album, Bang, the Earth is Round, and one of the trio's most archetypal, wry pop nuggets, "Superball." The latter of these two would be included on the Sugarplastic outtakes and rarities collection, Primitive Plastic, which only saw release in Japan on the Air Mail Recordings imprint. Even so, that still makes this single immensely hard to come by, save for Ebay where I found mine a few years ago.

If you have no idea who The Sugarlastic are, you acquaint yourself via the Myspace route, or peruse my previous Sugarplastic posting, concerning a certain cd-single that's almost as scarce as this wax. Better yet, pick up a used copy of the aforementioned Bang... CD (it's the one in the $1 bin), or finally, their most recent album, Will on Tallboy Records.
1. Sheep
2. Superball 

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jay strange said...

indeed this is grail like...i love them sugarplastic..