Saturday, November 23, 2013

Watching the candles burn - The eight nights of Chanukah returns Wednesday night.

Last year I started a new holiday tradition.  In lieu of posting one great-big, extra special upload for Christmas, I decided to spread the goodies out over the eight nights of Chanukah (check out the preliminary details from 2012 here).   This made sense on a couple of different levels.  For one, it accorded me the opportunity to share several mind-blowing "gifts" instead of just one mind-blowing whopper.  Secondly, Chanukah represents personal relevance to me.  We all know you were envious of that kid down the block who had a yarmulke festooned to his head, who was given the privilege of lighting the menorah, and of course, reveling in eight glorious nights of presents.  Once again, I'm paying it forward.

A few of last years entries included Velocity Girl, Aztec Camera, Redd Kross, and The Dentists.  Some of the items I have slated for later next week are considerably more obscure, but there will also be some familiar faces.  In fact, one of the titles is such a doozy, it's going to absorb two nights.  FYI, I will forgo "Mystery Monday" for the week of the December 1, in order to maintain the continuity of the holiday as it falls on the calendar. 

All of this begs the question, "Has Wilfully Obscure been holding out on us for the last 11 months?"  Somewhat...but not quite.  In short, the presents I plan on revealing over the eight nights of Chanukah are of considerably high caliber.  I like to think that everything I share qualifies as good to excellent, but to paraphrase that sage Orwellian dictum, some are more equal than others.  Keep your eyes peeled.

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