Monday, November 11, 2013

You said you need a boyfriend, well you've already got one.

Hard to believe that this glamish, punkish indie quartet steamrolled out of the country and western confines of their homestate, Oklahoma.  This is their first album, from 1990.

Having difficulty accessing the file?  Please try again a little later.  Too many people hammering the link simultaneously is apparently giving Netkup's servers a headache.  With this in mind, I'll leave this up for a few hours past the usual twenty-four, k?  You're welcome to comment, just don't give away anything obvious.


eric said...

No mystery for me when I read the leading sentence of this post, which is the quickest I've ever deduced who might be offered up this week. I've got this one and the next couple they released, but I could never get excited about them back when they were new releases, other than a song or two on the second one. I do need to play them all again and see if they hit me in a different way now, 20 years later. I'll start with your download here, since it's all ready for the mp3 player. Thanks. And thanks for the other mystery posts, many of which I've never encountered before.

spavid said...

Thanks Eric. There were a lot of lyrics I could have used in that header. Personally, I really disliked their self-titled album. I don't even own it. Do a search for the band on here and you'll find some records by another band the lead singer was in prior to this one.

Duluoz said...

Thank you for this! I'd only known the band's last album, which I thought was weak 90's alterna-rock, so this record was a revelation. I actually hunted down their second album and the singer's earlier work, except I can't find his former's band EP and your link to it is down!

Is there any chance for a re-up on it?

Thank you again, the work you put into this blog is incredible. So many forgotten hooks . . . so, so many.