Friday, November 1, 2013

The Slurps - HrrSheeCom 7" ep (1987, Shutdown)

The moniker of this southern Cali crew may strike you as a bit frivolous, but it actually turned out to be ironically prophetic.  In the early '90s the Slurps would morph into San Diego scuzz punks Drip Tank (getcha some links here).  DT's claim to fame?  Successfully pulling off a "tour" of 7-11 parking lot gigs around their home turf.  See where the slurp factor comes in?  Thought so. Believe it or not, the LA Times had a thing or two to say about this record when it dropped:

The Slurps, from La Costa, play a rather odd mix between punk-rock and acid-rock, complete with blazing guitar leads and machine-gun rhythms. And after digesting all four songs on this EP, including the cheeky "You're So Weird," one can't help but think of the Fugs.

I'm vaguely on board with the "acid-rock" quotient, particularly on the Nuggets-addled persuasion of "Bird Get Out of the Way," which nearly busts into full blown punk chaos once the chorus hits.  The remaining numbers, including the enticing "Monkey Town," suggest everyone from Let's Active to Pure Joy, and even the Troggs on the concluding "Bisquit Boy."  If the Slurps move you in any way, shape or form, you should really investigate the even more accomplished Drip Tank via the first paragraph links. 

01. Bird Get Out of the Way
02. Monkey Town
03. You Are So Weird
04. Bisquit Boy


Damian Stachelski said...

Hey, can you fix the link on this? I really wanna check this out.

Anonymous said...

reup please this one. Thanks!

Richard said...

Please please for the love of 'Bob' reup...I haven't heard this since 1988, and can't find it anywhere, specifically Monkey Town, regards Puxley