Saturday, November 16, 2013

Splendor Head - Mirth (1989, CFY)

The only relevant info I was able to procure on Splendor Head was the following blurb from a distro site that's apparently still carrying unsold copies of Mirth:

Thoroughly modern, thoroughly tuneful lyrical pop rock, falling somewhere between REM introspection and something considerably noisier. 

Well, it would be nice if this Cali crew's shtick was that cut and dry, but at least I agree with the noisy quotient, which varies from song to song.  Sonically, Mirth tends to tilt in the direction of a myriad of contemporary Homestead Records stablemates (a touch of Nice Strong Arm, maybe a pinch of Phantom Tollbooth), and some miscellaneous but exceptional post-punk acts from the Midwest, specifically The Libertines and Pedaljets.  Despite a few misfires, Splendor Head manage to elicit their fair share of spot-on keepers, including but not limited to "Number on the Radio," "Sick Architecture," and "Mother Tongue."  Am quite pleased I took a gamble on this one.

01. Green M&Ms
02. Mother Tongue
03. Sick Architecture
04. World Dog
05. Sacrifice
06. In My Nightime
07. The Toymaker
08. Number on the Radio
09. She Is a Girl



Taralezh said...

Hey, can you please re-upload this one ?

spavid said...

Link has been repaired.