Saturday, November 23, 2013

Zonaea - As the Stars Collapse ep (2013, Zoo and a Movie) - a brief overview

Got some new noise from Charleston, SC to inform you of, but it's the good kind of noise.  Zonaea are a new quartet mixing up time-tested ingredients, predominantly dissonance and dynamics by means of a tense, math-rock delivery system, while keeping some semblance of "the song" intact.  Touchstones range from Archers of Loaf to Slint, but Zonaea's aggro undercurrent on As the Stars Collapse, points to something a tad more sinewy and abrassive.  But enough of my yammering, check out a couple of tracks from the Reverbnation widget thingy below.  The Zoo and a Movie website is either temporarily down or hacked, so if you're interested in purchasing the ep, I would suggest you email the band.  Cheers.

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