Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Primevals - Sound Hole (1986, New Rose)

Though they hailed from Glasgow, Scotland, The Primevals shtick was steeped in American sensibilities, angling for the southwest I might add.  On their maiden long player, the boys provide plenty of twangy slide-guitar runs, but more importantly, competent songwriting.  Equally commendable, this quartet deftly nibble at the fringes of rockabilly and cowpunk without actually delving into either arena full bore.  The effect isn't far removed from contemporary Yanks Wall of Voodoo and Guadalcanal Diary, with perhaps a slightly more pronounced spaghetti western flair.  From Scotland?  Seriously?  You can bone up on their discography here, as well as peruse a detailed Wiki entry.

01. Eternal Hotfire
02. Prairie Chain
03. Primeval Call
04. See That Skin
05. Spiritual
06. Nutmeg City
07. Elixir of Life
08. Fire and Clay
09. Saint Jack
10. Dish of Fish
11. Lowdown

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