Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lion Tamer 7" (1995, Cargo/Headhunter)

I don't know very much about Lion Tamer, but I certainly know what I like, and I'm really digging this.  Where the hell was this Richmond, VA trio back in the mid '90s when I was jamming to likeminded, dissonant noise-pop combos like Archers of Loaf, aMINIATURE and Edsel?  My guess is the Tamers were sticking close to home, and unfortunately were unbeknownst to me at the time in the pre-social media era.  At the very least, this single (perhaps their lone release) offers two bittersweet mementos from the golden age of indie guitar-rawk.  If anyone can shed a ray or two of light on these guys, don't be a stranger.

A. West 64
B. Shoes



General Post said...

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Matthew Kovalcik said...

Hello! Matt Kovalcik here.. Guitarist Vocalist of what was Lion Tamer. It's surprising to see that listeners are still listening to our old tunes. Who knows.. Maybe we will do a reunion show. I'll keep you posted.


Matthew Kovalcik said...

Also, there is another 7" Record that was self released before the Cargo/Headhunter release.

CvsN said...